Happy belated Blogiversary!

The Cathedral Blog celebrated its second year anniversary last month.  Here are some blog facts for you:

We’ve had:

  • over 22,000 visitors
  • over 300 posts
  • over  70 contributors

We average around 15 visitors per day.

Our biggest day is Friday (when the e-bulletin comes out), when we may get 50, even 75 visitors.

Not many people comment on the blog itself for some reason, but a few more comment on it via facebook.

We always, ALWAYS need material so….what are you waiting for?  Let’s hear YOUR voice!  Send submissions to stpaulblog@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “Happy belated Blogiversary!”

  1. Yes, happy "Blogiversary" (is this an accepted spelling?) – it's not as fluid to sign into and use a blog as compared to FB where all functions are available all the time – unless of course you keep the blog open on a tab – even email has become too bothersome- I decided to join anyway – I keep up w. the the posts you have here through the FB pg, but I love the inclusion of your "soups" & "recipe" categories – I also would love to see some more "Simple Living" posts a la the cheese making – how to compost, make raised beds, etc. – and an "art" section, right Donna Turner?!!

    Keep up the good work! Kristine Lauritsen


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