Dear St. Paul’s Family,

Like others, our Family Ministry has had to adapt and create new ways to provide resources for families to stay connected and engaged in faith formation at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whereas we emphasize the faith formation of households with children, the name “Family Ministry” encompasses families with children and our St. Paul’s Family as a whole. Therefore, I was thrilled to hear one new offering is being used by members of all ages.

The new Daily Faith email series provides a variety of “bite-sized” opportunities for reflection, education, and connection at home. Examples of these curated resources include coloring pages, mealtime meditations, and videos about, well, pretty much anything. I invite you to take advantage of this offering by subscribing to our mailing list HERE.

Other program adaptions include a weekly schedule of virtual gatherings on Zoom for our Kids Crew (ages 4-10) and Youth Crew (ages 11-18). We are taking a holistic approach by offering traditional-type Christian education and casual, fun, and relationship-oriented offerings every week for both age groups. To view our full schedule, visit the “Online Gatherings” page on the St. Paul’s Cathedral website. For curated memes, updates, and reflections, follow our Family Ministry Instagram (@cathedral.fam)

I am excited to see how our virtual ministry is taking shape. In January, I joined Dean Penny, Father Jeff, and other leaders at the “Rooted in Jesus” conference in Atlanta, Georgia, where there was an emphasis on re-thinking what church looks like in the 21st century; how ought the Church engage with and respond to the needs of our world today? Little did we know how soon we had to utilize what we learned at the conference in response to COVID-19. Ultimately, however unfortunate and challenging the circumstance, I recognize the opportunity for radical transformation in the ways we do faith formation at St. Paul’s in the future.

Your sister in Christ and community, 
Maya Little-Saña, Youth Minister

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