Fairly Traded: Take on Everyday Justice for Lent

This Saturday (Feb. 21), Simpler Living is sponsoring the film “The Dark Side of Chocolate” (come to the potluck first at 6 PM in the Guild Room.) Most of us are aware of the good side of dark chocolate, but how it’s produced is another matter altogether – the dark side.

Well, it turns out that there is a dark side to more than just chocolate. Many other goods and services we enjoy come to us at the expense of the lives of others(workers who receive low wages, or none, in horrific working conditions, mostly in developing countries). Fair Trade exists to counter that trend.

Richard and I have been reading a book, Everyday Justice, by Julie Clawson (available at Amazon). It explores the global impact of our daily choices – food, fuel, clothing, waste, debt, coffee, and yes, chocolate. We commend this book to you. There are Fair Trade alternatives to food and clothing; it may take some work to find them. Maybe that work would be a good thing to take on for Lent. Incorporate one new Fair Trade item into your life and become part of everyday justice. Have a blessed Lent.

Carolyn Lief

Fairly Traded is our regular blog series about Fair Trade and how your economic choices can make a difference.

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