Fairly Traded: a fair trade Valentine’s day!

St. Valentine’s Day! 
It’s a time for chocolates, flowers and unique gifts for your special
someone.  And it’s a holiday that can
easily be made fair trade!!
Fair trade chocolates are available in abundance and can be
found at your local grocers or online.  Sprout’s,
Whole Foods and Ocean Beach People’s Coop all sell fair trade chocolate.  And perhaps your loved one likes frozen
chocolate treats, anywhere you can buy Ben and Jerry’s you can buy fair trade.
Fair Trade flowers are beautiful and ethical. I have seen
fair trade flowers at Whole Foods in the past but you can definitely buy them
online. Check out One World Flowers (https://www.oneworldflowers.org) for great
fair trade flower options.
Fair trade gifts are unique and gift back. Here are a few of
my favorite online spots to buy fair trade gifts:
AshandRose.com – this site sells ethical and fair trade
clothing and accessories from several different vendors.  You don’t need to search all over the
Internet to find a great gift.  They sell
Mata Traders, which is one of my favorite fair trade purveyors of clothing and
SevenHopesUnited.com – they are locally owned in San Diego
and sell wonderful gifts for men and women.
TenThousandVillages.com – Ten Thousand Villages is one of
the oldest fair trade sellers in the United States.  Again, their items are unique and a very good
place to find gifts for men and women.

Happy Valentine’s Day – Dawn

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