Earth Month 2024

From St. Paul’s Simpler Living Creation Care Ministry

This is the season when we begin to consider how we’ll spend time in our gardens:  all the more reason to check out St Paul’s varied and numerous April Earth Month activities and find  ways to fall in love again with God’s glorious creation. Check out all the events (Click Here).

On 4/6 from 9 am – noon our first Earth Month event will be a wonderful Garden retreat at the home of Cindy Schuricht.  An outdoor Communion Service will begin at 10 am. To register:

And here is another reason why staying informed and actively advocating for sound environmental policies is important: Read article at


Many and great, O God, are your works, maker of earth and sky; your hands have set the heavens with stars; your fingers spread the mountains and plains. At your word the waters were formed; deep seas obey your voice. Grant us communion with youyour star-abiding one; come to us and dwell with us; with you are found the gifts of life. Bless our work for your creation with strength, perseverance, and courage. Bless us with eternal life with you. Amen

Adapted from Many and Great Dakota Hymn

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