Dear St. Paul’s family,
In our continuing series about our staff, I want to tell you about David Tremaine, our Director of Formation. He used to be Director of Formation and Outreach, but he has successfully transitioned full leadership of our outreach ministries to volunteers, notably Jen Jow who has taken on oversight of the outreach committee. Thank you, Jen! David is working on building volunteer leadership for formation too.
David holds a MDiv degree from Virginia Seminary and is currently working on a book about addiction and theology.
David’s hours dropped to 20 when he handed off Outreach. Here’s how he usually spends his time:
Sunday mornings: 
· Ensure nursery coverage                         
· Set up and run A/V at Forum
· Oversee Sunday School offerings
· Edit and post Faith to Go podcast

One or two Sundays a month he leads the CYF/Forum planning committee at noon

· Weekly staff meeting and other administrative meetings
· Supervise Maya Little-Saña on youth and CYF program planning
· Work on current and upcoming formation offerings (forum, classes, Sunday school, youth, etc.)
· Maintain forum and Sunday school calendars and volunteer schedules
· Work on advertising and registration, posters, blurbs, etc.
· Brainstorm possible future formation offerings with other staff
Wednesday Evening (varies by season and week)
· Setup for and lead seasonal classes
· Attend 20s/30s formation offerings (small groups, dinners, etc.)
Thursday afternoon
· Make final preparation for Sunday forum and Sunday school
· Prepare for and record Faith to Go podcast with Maya and the Rev. Jackie Pippin (in Japan)
David says, “If I had more time I would use it to focus on new opportunities for our digital family formation resource Faith To Go, increased fellowship and formation offerings for the Children and Families and small group offerings for all ages.  What I do feels like ministry because I get to work with so many people in so many different settings, from one on one conversations about faith to group committee meetings.”
We are blessed to have David on our staff, and we love it when he brings George, his 4-month-old son, to work with him!
Your sister in Christ,

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