Dean’s Letter: A Hard Working Church

Hello St. Paul’s,

I’m standing in front of a picture of this week’s cathedral calendar entries. As you can see, there’s a lot going on here. As we launch our 2023 pledge campaign this weekend, I want you to be aware of the tremendous amount of ministry that goes on here day after day. Many of you may focus on what happens on Sundays: mostly worship services and formation classes. You may even have heard the old saw that “clergy only work one day a week”! But the truth is, St. Paul’s does a lot of ministry, from morning to night, seven days a week, and while we are blessed with a very active congregation, with many people who give generously of their time and talent, our staff have the responsibility of opening and closing doors, providing refreshments, leading events, preparing rooms and cleaning up after events, creating and publishing communications materials, and more. Here’s a short list of events and activities that are happening on campus or online this week:

Sunday services and formation
Morning and Evening Prayer
Special chapel service for St. Francis Day
Voices of our City rehearsals and administrative meetings
Dance school classes
Organ practice and recitals
Choir practices
Staff meetings at various levels
12 step meetings
Committee meetings
Funerals and weddings
Showers of blessings
Classes – Stephen Ministers, formation, Education for Ministry
Planning meetings for upcoming events including the stewardship gathering, Trunk or Treat, and the October 22 ordination

It’s a dizzying amount of activity, and our staff is stretched to the limit ensuring that everything happens safely, on time, and with the desired effect. Many are the times when something unexpected happens and the staff have to pivot and adapt at a moment’s notice, something they do with almost miraculous skill. I am extremely proud of what they accomplish on your behalf, equipping the saints for the work of ministry.

We want to compensate our staff appropriately for all their hard work, and human resources account for about 2/3 of our operating budget, so your pledge for 2023 will have a direct impact on our ability to treat cathedral staff with justice, honoring the efforts they make to support your ministry. I know you want to see cathedral ministries continue at least at their current level, and we all hope to be even more of a community resource next year with our new space. I look forward to the stewardship focus of the next few weeks, and I hope you will be generous.

See you on Sunday!

Your sister in Christ,

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