Construction Updates November 13

Meeting notes:

  • Kathleen advised they were signing the paperwork for the Brian Cox Mechanical (BCM) quote for the Great Hall Basement HVAC project. Review of paperwork by Tom D., and discussion of timeline of project.
  • Kathleen brought forward Joe’s proposal from BCM for restoring heat to the Sacristy.  Review and discussion of paperwork and schedule.  Tom would like a good review of the existing pipes since they are currently exposed due to construction.  “We may not get an opportunity to see them again for another 100 years.”  Rocky will work on checking the pipes for any leaks/pressure issues/insulation issues, et. al.
  • Temporary 2nd floor landing is being developed to get something out there and aid our traffic flow.  Possible scaffold jacks attached to the wall for the 2nd floor only.  The guys are coming this afternoon to assess.  Also, first floor landing will be resolved today.  Kone has been great during the disruption of pathway.
  • Elevator finishes are being turned over to the interior design team to work on matching up lobby finishes with interior elevator cab finishes.
  • Coordination for the HVAC schedule to get the equipment into the room over the pantry, which we are now calling the Condenser Room, is good with the digging and schedule for Greystar.  We expect the condensers to be ready to install around the first week of December.
  • Elevator lobby is cleared to do the ceiling by the Kone elevator team. Rocky will get the ceiling guy in Wednesday to begin work.  Smoke alarm is critical to get installed asap.  Would be nice to get them in before the ceiling finished.
  • Kathleen has quotes from Bay Alarm and will follow up with Tom D. review of proposed fire alarm system.  She will call and follow up about scheduling as well. (Kathleen called Bay and advised about asap status of the work.  Colleen from Bay will check their schedules to see if we can rush the work to meet our needs.)
  • Flooring is on schedule for delivery around 11/20 and there will be enough to do the floors in the elevator as well. 
  • No date set, but elevator inspection will be in a few weeks.
  • Review if we need AT&T line any further for elevator.  Kathleen will check with Tim F. from The Computer Admin and follow up. (Kathleen and Tim met, AT&T can be canceled, and Kathleen will call Wed. to do so.  Cox will carry the elevator line and Tim is having the cabling team come out to get that set up most likely end of this week, beginning of next week.  Also reviewed with Tim and Rocky the exterior internet line running on the outside of the north wall of the Great Hall.  Tim reviewed recently installed hardware in the workroom.  Can’t cut the exterior lines yet.  The cabling wasn’t completed properly, but Tim will resolve when the cabling team come in.)
  • Rocky advised the old sidewalk around the property will be broken up and removed and traffic rerouted into the protected covered walkways.  There will be lighting and paint added to the new structures.
  • Tom advised we should really make sure the piping for the Sacristy heat project be reviewed and confirmed in good shape now as we won’t get another chance for the next 100 years to get at the currently exposed pipes.  Review insulation and any abatement issues as well.
  • Next meeting is in one week on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 from 9:15a to 9:45a in the Fireside Room.

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