Construction Updates December 4

Meeting Notes 

  • There was discussion of Friday’s planned power outage to allow rerouting a box.  The outage may not affect the entire campus, but will likely be confined to the basement offices, kitchen, and other areas in the Parish Hall complex.
  • Bay Alarm is working today in the elevator lobby.  The panel needs to be located in the lobby, and will go outside the boiler room door.  It requires dedicated power.
  • Tom and Greystar are pushing for completion of essential work on the elevator/elevator lobby by sometime next week.  If all can be ready by the 11th, inspections may occur in time for use of the elevator at the Gala on the 13th.
  • Work has been finished in the Music Library.  Staff seem pleased with the end result.
  • Cox has disassembled the AC condenser units in the mechanical mezzanine in preparation for work on the new system. The air handling units are being gutted.
  • Looking far ahead, Tom posed a question for consideration by engineering:  Will office server room in the new building require A/C and/or venting?
  • Power poles should disappear from the construction site today.
  • The lighting ordered for the pedestrian barricade has been received and should be installed by this weekend, weather permitting.
  • Rocky indicated that he may be able to do the ceilings and flooring the elevator lobby next week.
  • Drilling for placement of the soldier piles will begin later this week.  Two rigs will be in operation.  The tentative plan is to begin at the corner of 5th and Olive and work around the site.
  • Twining has provided a pre-construction evaluation of the Parish Hall yesterday, and the site will be monitored for damage on a monthly basis moving forward.

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