Construction Updates December 18

Meeting notes:

  • Reviewed need to go through service contract with Otis vs. Kone.  Kathleen will look into further and follow up again with Otis to review current contract conditions for maintenance.
  • Elevator update:
    • Inspection will be 12/18/19. 
    • Elevator lobby finishes are complete.
    • Pathway to elevator will be restored each week in time for weekend use.
    • Use of elevator ok after inspection, but will need to be accessed via office pathway due to construction on the footing for stairway preparation work.
  • Electrics on the 2nd floor landing are being completed.  Hoping that the work on 2nd floor will help the 1st floor work as well.  There are some questions about the circuits that serve those locations.
  • Pedestrian walkway lights on 5th Ave are not working properly, they don’t turn on via motion.  6th Ave lights for that walkway are fine.  Rocky will look into it further.
  • Queen’s Courtyard will be the next big improvement project that will be noticeable to SPC.  A decision was made to not start that work until the footing landing on the first floor was completed so there would be consistent access to the offices during the week.  They’ll restore the landing on the 1st floor in time for the weekend so that folks can use the elevator, accessed via the Breezeway and ramp.
  • Greystar will be requesting use of electricity by putting in a large circuit to power their construction trailers that will be parked in the Clergy Parking Lot.  They will put a proposal together and present it to SPC. 
  • Nutmeg’s resurfacing was completed last week.  All that is needed now is striping and the use of Nutmeg by Greystar is complete. 
  • We heard there may be a flashing sidewalk installed at 6th and Nutmeg, via Brooks.  He said the parking guru (working on the loading zone with us) mentioned it.  We are hoping this is true as it is much needed.
  • Next meeting will be after the holidays on January 7, 2020.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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