Construction Updates December 12

Meeting Notes
  • Spoke about soldier drilling and Greystar confirmed that they know where the footings are for the Great Hall.  There was some concern because the dirt is so hard that they are digging through, they were afraid they would not be able to id concrete footings if they came up to them.  Greystar/Rocky advised they already marked out and found the footings.
  • Elevator update:
    • Ready for inspection after Bay Alarm completes their work today. 
    • Kathleen sending in paperwork for phone monitoring to Kone for last item pre-inspection.
    • Hope is that the elevator can be cleared for use for the 12/13/19 Gala150.
    • Looking into a Kone elevator operator for the night of the event.
    • UPDATE 12/11/19: We will not be able to utilize the elevator for the event after much trying by Greystar and Tom, after all. Need it to be inspected and can’t do a work around. Kathleen is working on a workaround with a mobility company who has a wheelchair stair lift machine for the event.
  • Elevator interior finishes are being done.  New floor will go in tomorrow.  We may need to wait longer for the side panels to be completed.
  • Lobby finishes are being installed.  Ceiling and lighting are in, flooring is being put in today.  They were supposed to be in Saturday to lay flooring, but that didn’t work out.  Should be done by tomorrow.  The railing guys will be in tomorrow. Then touch up paint and construction cleanup of area, and it’s ready for the public.
  • Duct cleaning estimate received.  Kathleen can approve.  Need to schedule duct cleaning soon so HVAC project can continue. 
  • Reviewed the bathroom leak (Northwestern corner of the Great Hall building) and the workroom leak (Northeastern wall of the Great Hall building.)  Potential waterproofing needed. Rocky will check in on that and get back with more information.  May be a good time to do it since everything is dug up and exposed.  Weatherproofing of North GH wall may be forcing the water to the new leak points as well.  Will review further. 
  • Review of exterior lighting electricity source needed.  The new lighting circuit installed in the Music Library does not have the capacity to light all that needs to be lit around the exterior hallways and security spots around campus.  Looking into this further.
  • Next meeting is in one week on Tuesday, December 17, 2019 from 9:15a to 9:45a in the Fireside Room.

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