Construction Update July 10

Reviewed the following:

  • Site Logistics Plan review:
    • Reviewed pathways and exits for upcoming work.
    • Guild Room pathway will begin being utilized in the next week.
    • Olive St. parking lot will be available but during business hours might be needed for the trucks for hauling the debris out as well. The trucks will be gone by late afternoon and not here on weekends, so the lot will be partially available, for now.
    • Start of cutting into walkway in front of elevator lobby and between breezeway and parking lot entrance. A bridge will be installed for access to the downstairs offices.
  • General info:
    • Permit progress: still in a holding pattern, meeting next Tuesday with the city, so hopefully we will be able to get the permits needed so we can proceed with work.
    • Queen’s Courtyard construction for chair lift will need to wait for the permit.
    • Water shut off in the future will be better communicated with the SPC team.
    • The work on Nutmeg is progressing.
    • The Park Chateau removal of debris will take about one week.
    • At about noon on Wednesday, SDGE hit a gas line while doing the construction work on Nutmeg St. The Cathedral and Chapel were cleared of people for safety at the instruction of the SD Fire Dept. At 3pm the gas was able to be turned off and after testing by SDGE the Cathedral was cleared for use. The Light Up the Cathedral for Pride event was able to proceed without interruption from the accident.

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