Christmas Light & Love

From St. Paul’s Sacred Ground in Action (SGIA) Ministry:

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus in our Christian tradition, our faith calls us to spread the light of love to everyone.  In these days when we hear words that divide us, the story of the Holy family reminds us that we are neighbors, all created in God’s image.

We begin to appreciate others as we learn about their cultures, often how they celebrate their faith.  Many celebrations occur in December. Our Jewish sisters and brothers observed Chanukah and our Buddhist friends Bodhi Day earlier this month. Yule will be celebrated by our Wiccan and Pagan friends; Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday by our Sikh neighbors; and Kwanzaa by many of our African American siblings. Diwali was celebrated by our Hindu neighbors in November and Eid al-Adha by our Muslim friends in June/July. 

How can we share our light through the love of Jesus this coming year?

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