Chapter Nominations are Open!

Do you know someone you think would make a great Chapter member? Or, maybe you feel called to serve on Chapter yourself. The Chapter is the Cathedral’s board of directors, and each year the congregation elects four individuals to three-year terms. We are now accepting nominations for Chapter positions, to be elected at our Annual Meeting in January. More details are in the letter from Darien DeLorenzo, chair of the Chapter Nominating Committee:

Dear Members and Friends of St. Paul’s Cathedral,

During our “Homecoming” Ministry Lunch and Fair this past Sunday, I was touched by the commitment and generosity you all share in doing God’s work to Love Christ, Serve Others, and Welcome All.  We are truly blessed with a congregation inspired by the Holy Spirit to care deeply for those in need within our church and in our neighboring communities.

There are times when we are each called by God to do more.  Recently I spoke with one of our members with two young children, involved with St. Paul’s Family Ministry and who serves as a Sunday usher. When I thanked her for serving and asked if she would like to be a candidate for Chapter, she enthusiastically replied yes; that she had been considering what more she could do to help her spiritual community at the Cathedral.

I am very grateful for your work with the ministries you serve.  But, would you like to do more?

We are inviting Cathedral members to be candidates for Chapter.  You may nominate yourself or another within our congregation.

Chapter is the Cathedral’s governing board of directors, and each year the congregation elects four individuals to serve three-year terms. Chapter supports the mission and ministry of our clergy, congregation and community, and serves a critical role in the daily life of the Cathedral. We are now accepting nominations for Chapter positions (term 2023-2026), to be elected at our Annual Meeting in January. Please feel free to submit nominations until November 4, 2022. 

Following are the Criteria for Serving on Chapter 

  • At-large elected Chapter members serve a three-year term beginning and ending at the Annual Parish Meeting, with the terms staggered so that each year one-third of the members are replaced; 
  • Chapter meetings are currently held on the first Tuesday of each month via Zoom at 5:30 PM. Chapter members are also expected to attend an annual Chapter retreat, usually held in February; 
  • Eligibility requirements for Chapter service, as outlined by the Cathedral By-Laws, are as follows: 
    • At least 18 years old; and, not an employee of the Cathedral or closely related to continuing Chapter members; 
    • Has been a regular pledging contributor of record to the Cathedral prior to vote;  
    • Regularly attends worship; 
    • New Chapter members are nominated based on several factors, including their perceived strengths in one or more areas of service or expertise. 

Candidates for Chapter should be persons of prayer, with a passion for the mission and ministry of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Members can nominate themselves or another member of the Cathedral that meets the above criteria.  You have my heartfelt appreciation for your consideration of this invitation.

If you are interested in nominating yourself or a member, please email the Dean or me: or  If you have questions, please call me at (415) 310-6845


Darien DeLorenzo
St Paul’s Cathedral Chapter Member & People’s Warden 
Chair of the Chapter Nominating Committee

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