Dear Members of St. Paul’s Cathedral:

We are fast approaching the New Year of 2021. Every three years the terms of four members of the chapter end at the Annual Membership Meeting. It is time to start the nominating process. The Nominating Committee will receive nominations to fill the 4 open seats on Chapter starting on  August 24, 2020 and ending November 6, 2020.

At-large Elected Chapter members serve a three-year term beginning and ending at the Annual Parish Meeting, with the terms staggered so that each year one-third of the members are replaced.

Chapter meetings currently are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM (note that this is set by the Chapter and can be changed at the Chapter’s discretion). In addition, Chapter members are expected to attend the annual Chapter retreat, usually held on a Friday evening and Saturday in February.

Eligibility requirements for Chapter service as outlined by the Cathedral By-Laws are as follows:

  • At least 18 years old; and not employees of the cathedral or closely related to continuing Chapter members.
  • Has been a regular  pledging contributor of record to the Cathedral for 21 0 days prior to vote; and
  • Regularly  attends worship.

New Chapter members_ are nominated based on several factors, including their perceived strengths in one or more areas of service or expertise. Candidates for Chapter should be persons of prayer, with gifts for ministry leadership. Those gifts are not the same for each person and should be discerned together with the Dean or other parish leaders. Candidates should have a passion for the mission  and ministry of St. Paul’s, and be known and trusted in the parish.

Any. member can nominate another member of the parish that meets the above criteria. A member may nominate themselves for chapter if they meet the above criteria.

If you are interested in nominating a member or yourself, please email the Dean or me. or or call me at 619-684-1192.

Thank You
Gerald J. Motto, People’s Warden
Chair of the Nominating  Committee 

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