Cathedral Characters: From Hair to Here

If you’ve attended the Cathedral on Sunday morning, you’ve seen Joe Bruglio. He’s a tall, full-blooded Italian with a personality so warm and sparkling, it shines even through a white acolyte’s alb. A hair stylist who runs his own small business, Joe has a no-nonsense air about him, but he’s also earnestly seeking and growing in his spirituality, which reveals a more sensitive, introspective side. Spend an hour in his salon chair and you’ll understand how he’s managed to befriend the almost the entire Cathedral in less than two years. Quick with a smile, easy to talk to, and generous with his warm laughter, Joe’s most attractive quality is his heart. Here’s his take on life at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Tell me about a meaningful community experience you have had in the Cathedral.
When I decided to fully commit and return to Church, one of the things I wanted to do was meet people. Little did I know, the people I have come to know have turned out to be wonderful friends, that feel like family. With some of the people at St Paul’s, it feels like I’ve known them my whole life. Further developing relationships with them–and many more–is my goal.

What kinds of things do you do that help you draw near to God or God’s people?

Volunteering. I find joy in being an acolyte and becoming a part of the service in a way that is different from before, yet I don’t feel it has anything to do with me–it’s for others. I’ve been slowly becoming more involved with Dorcas House and I truly enjoy helping in any way I can. Through these two volunteer opportunities, I feel closer to God and his people.

What is a book/film/song you think everyone should read/see/hear and why?
Without a doubt, The Lord of the Rings. This book changed my life. It awoke a passion in me; it helped me develop a strong love for reading, and it also reminded me of the real-life struggle between good and evil. Tolkien was a Christian and his work consists of such wonderful Biblical parallels. I highly recommend it.

At this particular moment in history, what in your mind is the most important work the church can be doing?
To fight religious abuse, meaning that we should be putting an end to hate from those who profess to walk and talk in the name of God.

Anything else you would like to add about your life at St. Paul ’s Cathedral?

St. Paul’s Cathedral has changed my life in ways that I could go on about for days. My life has been turned around on so many levels. What’s even better about this journey is that I know it’s only the beginning of things to change in my life. I am so happy and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community of people. I thank God every day for each moment of it.

Hannah Wilder writes Cathedral Characters, an occasional series about people in the Cathedral community. If there’s someone you’d like to hear about, drop a note for Hannah in the comments!

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