Being Homeless

One of our long time showers guests
in his new donated jacket at Christmas

What kind of shoes would you want to wear if you lived on the street night and day and had to walk long distances to get whatever you needed?

What kind of pants and shirts would you choose to wear if you had to sleep in the park on cold nights and in the rain?

Homeless people don’t have many choices but if they are lucky enough to be given clothing, it helps them feel understood and cared for if the type of clothing they receive recognizes them and their precarious situation. How would it make you feel if someone gave you clothing that was ragged and full of holes, stained, or in bad repair? Or if someone gave you a fancy negligee for sleeping on the ground under a tree in winter?

The homeless who live in the park and come to us for the Showers Of Blessings are mostly adult males size M-L- some XL. A few wear S. Hardly any are XXXlarge.

The women on the street are adults and some are older. They wear mostly M-L. They do not wear dressy clothes, skirts, shorts and party attire or flimsy nightgowns. They also don’t wear high heels and dressy sandals. Remember they are on their feet most of the day and have to walk long distances.

Their shoes sizes tend to be medium to large too.

The homeless need shoes and clothing that is durable and can protect them from harsh conditions on the street, and because they cannot wash their own clothes they are always need underwear and socks.

Please be mindful of the daily and seasonal reality of our homeless neighbors when you make your donation to Showers Of Blessings. You can bring donations to the church on Sundays (leave with sexton or staff) or at the office on weekdays. Many thanks for all your help and support!

Most Needed Items For May,
For Showers Of Blessings
Jeans, Work pants, Cargos
Underwear, Socks
Jeans, Work Pants, Cargos
Underwear, Bras

-Claudia Dixon, Showers Of Blessings

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