What is an Episcopalian? The Baptismal Covenant

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The Baptismal Covenant 

Beginning in the 70s, those baptized in the Episcopal Church signed up for (or if they were infants, their sponsors took on) quite an ambitious commitment that has remained an elegant summary of what Episcopalians believe it means to be Christian. This Baptismal Covenant (found on pp. 304-5 of the Book of Common Prayer) reminds us of God’s call to all Christians to be faithful, humble, truthful, joyful, helpful, and fair in our relationships with friends, strangers, and all the world around us. In fact, this Covenant has become so integral to Episcopal identity that the whole church recommits itself to it every time there is a baptism during the year. What’s your favorite part of the Covenant? Which lines challenge you most? Learn more and join the discussion during this session of the What is an Episcopalian? series that starts January 15!

 The Rev. Colin Mathewson

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