The Chapter Retreat

I agreed to write a blog about the recent Chapter Retreat that was held on the evening of Friday, Feb. 3 and all day Saturday, Feb. 4th. And it has taken me longer than I had planned, secondary to the depth of information that was imparted and what we were asked to reflect on. Being as I am a new member, Saturday evening was a time to meet all the members of the Chapter and that includes our treasurer, chancellor, etc. Actually, I knew most of them by recognition and some I have known for many years. I thought I knew what many did and then found out I really didn’t have an in-depth knowledge of the skills that so many of the Chapter members possess. I would say that St. Paul’s is lucky to have a such a variety of people representing many walks of life who want the best for St. Paul’s.

On Saturday, we heard in depth reports of our financial status, the campus building plans, the legal framework which we operate under, and what future hopes are. We also spent time reviewing our Baptismal Covenant and its origins including Old Testament and New Testament contributions. Our task is to come up with a Chapter Covenant that will spiritually guide our behavior in future chapter meetings and our interaction with our fellow parishioners and those outside of the Cathedral. I think that people left the retreat with a spiritual commitment.

After the retreat, a tour of St. Paul’s Plaza, a new facility in east Chula Vista was offered. Even though I had seen articles in the newspaper and live only 7 ½ miles from the Plaza, I was the only one that evidently had not taken the tour previously. At our first Chapter meeting the following Tuesday, I was asked how I liked the tour. They were surprised when I said it was a 90 minute tour. I am an Occupational Therapist that works with the elderly and I am not a spring chicken any more either. One of my professional interests is working with the elderly on accessibility so I wanted to see more than the usual tour plus I had many questions. The tour guide was knowledgeable and seemed to be pleased to accommodate my interests.

So, my overall impression of that weekend was I came away excited to be serving my fellow parishioners and finally being able to fulfill a desire I have had for several years of serving on the Chapter. I have been attending St. Paul’s since 1986, so I am able to see the progress we have made in serving so many needs and building the community we now have. I think the most important part in sustaining St. Paul’s is developing relationships with God as our guide within and outside of our community.

Susan McClure,

Chapter Member 

St Paul’s Cathedral Chapter Retreat, 2017

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