People’s Warden Report (October)

A. LLC Questions and Answers

Q. When are we (congregation) going to get an update on CCRP and timelines?

A. Dean Penny and a couple of LLC members delivered the current state of the project and next steps at the forum on Sunday October 8th at 9:00am.  You can see the slides here.

Q. Do the tenants get enough notice to find other living arrangements when demolition starts and how much notice would it be 60-90days?

A. The intent is 60- 90 days so tenants aren’t having to scramble to find somewhere to live and then try to come up with deposits for their new place. The cathedral and the LLC wouldn’t want to just boot someone out in 30days and say “ sorry about your luck” they want to give ample time so things go smoothly for all parties .


Q. Has there been any discussion about how parking would be handled during demolition? Where would we park since it is so hard to find parking already?

A. This subject has been in multiple discussions and no finite answer as of yet. There certainly are a few options that has been entertain which is ask St Paul’s Senior Services if we could park in their lot – (33 spots) on Sunday’s; speak to Hornblower and ECS Safehaven who have a small lot which is located about ½ block south from cathedral and see if we could park there on Sunday’s Another idea that has been tossed around is to offer shuttle service from these areas so it isn’t such a long walk .During the weekday I believe that it will be everyone including staff has to go find it on the street (not 100%) on that.

Comments from parishioners re Homecoming

a. Had a great time at the “Homecoming “ brunch and didn’t mind donating $5.00 for food. Why don’t we ask for a donation for some events more often other churches do? Liked the set up family style and got to talk to people I really didn’t know.

b. Couldn’t really hear the video in the back but liked the set up and the enthusiasm of everyone at my table.

c. Is it possible to intermingle the choir and alter guild people into all the tables instead of having a designated table for them? Maybe reserve several seats at each table for them knowing that they have to disrobe and get there after everyones seated? It would be nice to get to know them too.

d. Great having hostesses positioned at the East and West doors to Great Hall to direct traffic; it took away not knowing what to do once inside.

e. I didn’t know about the brunch until someone at the South door exit handed me a booklet and asked if I was going.

f. The $5 donation was worth the food I received – the only negative was that the salad was mushy and not a lot of meatballs (…..Misa service.)

g. I didn’t get to speak to many ministry leaders because I had to leave at 12:30 but I liked the set-up of the event and the video was entertaining.

h. Thank you for including us Evensong service attenders.

Jen Jow.

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