Meet Christine D’Amico

Hello St. Paul’s Cathedral!

Well I have been working as your part time Associate for Children, Youth and Family for about a month now, and I am having a great time getting to know many of you better.

We have fantastic youth volunteers, wonderful children, and super cool youth! I already feel very blessed to be working with all of you.

I come to you all with a background in youth education, Human Resources Development, and curriculum design.

For much of my adult life, I have worked from two guiding principles which have found me along the way. They are:

  1. Create the conditions where by each individual can develop to the best of their abilities, as first stated by my Grandpa Jack many many years ago.
  2. Celebrate curiosity and awaken brilliance in all I encounter, old or young!

So let’s play a little game, I know the middle schoolers will love this one, so share it with them if you are reading this and have a child at home old enough to play.

Below are 10 interesting facts about me. Nine are true and one is false. See if you can guess which one is false.

  1. I have lived in New Zealand
  2. I have written a children’s book
  3. I have three children
  4. I have a pet snake
  5. I was an acolyte as a teenager
  6. I love New York City
  7. I am left handed
  8. I am from Minnesota
  9. I have a swimming pool
  10. I have a Episcopal priest in my family

I look forward to getting to know all of you better and journeying with our youth as they develop their own spiritual lives over the coming years.

Christine D’Amico
Part-time Associate for Children, Youth and Family

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4 thoughts on “Meet Christine D’Amico”

  1. Thanks for the introduction! I'm involved in the Urban Collective at St. Paul's and have been keeping up with the blog recently.
    I am going to guess… #3 – you have some number of children other than 3?
    I'll be curious to see what other folks guess and what the real answer is. I have often played "two truths and a lie" as a counselor/staff member at summer camp, but coming up with ten things is impressive.

  2. I think it's #6 — "I love New York City." To love is not a fact and can't be confirmed. You wrote "I am" or "I have" for the rest of them.


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