Construction Updates January 8

Meeting Notes

  • Reviewed need to go through service contract with Otis vs. Kone.  Kathleen will look into further and follow up again with Otis to review current contract conditions for maintenance.
  • Elevator update:
    • Passed inspection 
    • Elevator lobby & elevator finishes are complete.
    • Pathway to elevator will be restored each week in time for weekend use.
    • There’s a light out in the ceiling. New lighting was discussed so they will look into it and advise next week.
  • Dirt being removed from the worksite is happening.  It’s a lot of coordination, but Rocky is communicating with the team about the pace of things and everything looks pretty good at this point.
  • Pedestrian walkway lights on 5th Ave are now working properly.  They’ve repositioned them and tested them and we’ve had positive feedback that they are working from congregants as well.  Thanks Rocky and team!
  • Queen’s Courtyard will be the next big improvement project that will be noticeable to SPC.  A decision was made to not start that work until the footing landing on the first floor was completed so there would be consistent access to the offices during the week.  They’ll restore the landing on the 1st floor in time for the weekend so that folks can use the elevator, accessed via the Breezeway and ramp.
  • HVAC Update:
    • Great Hall Basement Offices condensing unit has been installed in mezzanine.
    • They got it in through the louvers and it was a tight fit.
    • The HVAC units are being installed in the Boiler Room as we speak.
    • Bob found the 3rd thermostat and found the wiring goes to the boiler room, so that’s going to help with installation as well.
    • Joe’s team cleaned out the mezzanine and needs Bob and Kathleen to look the items taken out over. (K&B reviewed and took some items to Goodwill and some to recycling and disposed the rest. Very grateful for Joe’s team cleaning things out as the space is very difficult to access.) 
    • Next week we should have a duration expectation for the project.
  • Review of trash removal schedules for Greystar and SPC’s services. 
  • Next meeting will be on January 14, 2020.  9:15a in the Fireside Room.


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1 thought on “Construction Updates January 8”

  1. I'm not up to speed re: HVAC. What spaces will it serve? The offices under the Great Hall? Under the Chapel? I've always assumed that it would be extravagantly expensive to heat/cool any of our larger spaces…although I admit that now and then during a service–not during a sermon, of course!–but my mind HAS wandered and I've fantasized about solar panels on the roof feeding a large Tesla battery array and powering radiant heaters suspended from the ceiling to keep parishioners warm during the coldest times of year! Sorry, just wandered off there again.


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