Construction Update September 4

Regular Wednesday Construction Update Meeting

Site Logistics Plan review:
  • Reviewed pathways and exits for upcoming work.
  • Elevator lobby review of pathway and time frame.  Will likely end by Sept 9th at the latest
  • Sewer lines are in and back filled and electrical is getting trenched.  Everything on is on time.
  • Only possible slow down would be underground gas lines verses above ground lines.  Review of location with city and engineers is happening and decisions will be made accordingly.
  • Olive St. is being trenched and worked on currently.

General info:
  • Our plumbing blockage from 9/1/19 was resolved with Greystar’s help on Monday early afternoon.  There was a “thick black goo blocking the flow of things and it took a few times with the snake to get through it and fix the issue.”
  • Asbestos abatement of the Admin building will start September9 at the latest.
  • Olive St. construction has begun and trenching inspection is tomorrow.  If we pass then SDGE pipe can be installed and then backfilled for the Cox/AT&T lines that will be put in.
  • Cathedral Improvements:
    • Electrical inspection was last week.
    • Gas lines are being run today (9/4) and inspection is tomorrow.
    • One ok’d they’ll backfill everything (already backfilled sewage lines.)
      • Pipe for gas cannot go under the breezeway walkway, so will have to run up to the ceiling pipes and a 1-1/2” steel pipe will be installed there.
    • Inspection today of elevator lobby and breezeway ramp area so we can get ok to pour cement for ramps.  Could pour as soon as tomorrow (9/5).
    • Elevator doors should be serviced early next week and we may be able to get back to accessing elevator as soon as end of next week.  The finishes (wall coverings, ceiling, floor coverings) might not be in place, but they will get us to where we can use the space and elevator again.
    • A new door was installed in the downstairs offices for access to the offices from the elevator lobby.
    • New electrical room in the Music Library looks good.  The drywall “taper” will be in house next week to work on the library’s new electric room walls and the elevator lobby walls.

  • Discussed transformer timeline: Gas inspection on Nutmeg today, ones the set the switch gear, get the meter release then they call the coordinator to arrange for the new transformer to arrive.
  • Tom asked about the restoration of the clergy lot, design and timeline on that.  It’s been pushed to next week’s agenda when Greystar has a second to present the drawings/plans for the space.  We estimate a restoration of about 4-5 parking spots in that lot.
  • The McParland quote for just A/C in the Great Hall basement offices has stalled out.  It was advised that due to CA environmental code/rules that not addressing the heating issue in the space is not permitted if you are dealing with the A/C.  It’s basically both or nothing for our needs. 
  • Reviewed north wall window replacement status.  Still checking with vendor who is reaching out to suppliers.  Thoughts about adding A/C window units for the north wall offices was brought up, but fire rating may not allow for this.
  • Discussed helping SPC team to work out a ventilation solution for our new server room which is too hot to keep the machines safe and functioning.  A plan was proposed and Joe will get us pricing, 

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