Construction Update September 25

Regular Construction Update

Reviewed schedule:

  • Title company said it’s ok to continue the demo work, so demo of the Admin building continues.  Tear down has begun.
  • Working on coming up with a plan to protect the 2nd floor balcony walkway once demo really gets underway.
  • Still waiting for Cox/ATT to bring their wiring over to the North wall of the Great Hall building (going into the boiler room/work room).  Still awaiting them installing their lines down 5th Ave., which has begun this week.
  • SDGE has ducks in a row with city acceptance and other approvals, just waiting for them to pick a date.  SDGE will send a letter around to the neighborhood (so watch if we get one before they announce the date), to say they’ll be powering down.  

Cathedral Improvements:

  • Bubble in wall found in elevator lobby, so patching that and fixing it.
  • Lighting, ceiling, paint estimates have come in for lobby finishes, just waiting for flooring quote. 
  • Can’t put the flooring on the new cement until it cures to the proper level.  Testing of cement has happened, they’ll come back next week to retest and see if it’s at an ok level to lay the flooring.  If not, elevator lobby will likely be released, and flooring would wait to be done until concrete is at correct moisture level.
  • The defunct water fountain from the basement office hallway has been removed and wall has been drywall patched.  This water fountain is not to be confused with the antique fountain outside of the reception area, which is staying where it is for now.
  • Estimate for the ventilation system in the server room is coming in at $7800 for the ventilation equipment and installation, $800 for coring and the electric team at Blackhawk electrics will comp their fees for the job (installation man hours and some materials) which is very kind and helpful.  We are approaching the LLC for the funds for this project and will report back when we know more.
  • There’s question about possible rental of the clergy parking lot where Greystar is currently using for staging their work.  Greystar is very interested in renting the area.  Reviewing with the Dean and others and Kathleen will follow up with Rocky on the matter.
  • More discussion about cooling the basement offices.  Vendor Brian Cox Mechanical, who is the vendor for the tower mechanicals, reviewed our existing equipment which burned out decades ago.  The condenser on hand has evidence of a major malfunction, so brining in a new condenser would be necessary.  A rough estimate of $200,000 was given for basement AC at this time.  Further estimates for the boiler refurbishment and Cathedral heating continues.
  • Elevator is likely to be down from end of October for about 8 weeks.  The idea about pushing the work out to January would incur additional expenses for not completing the work in this calendar year.  We may wish to add Saturdays to the elevator repair work week to improve our timing from Oct-Dec in hopes of being done before our big events in Dec.  We are told the work shouldn’t have any delays, but the inspection at the end often does. 

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