Construction Update August 28

Regular Wednesday Construction Update Meeting

Site Logistics Plan review:

  • Reviewed pathways and exits for upcoming work.
  • Elevator lobby review of pathway and time frame.  Will likely end by Sept 9th at the latest
  • Sewer lines are in and back filled and electrical is getting trenched.  Everything on is on time.
  • Only possible slow down would be underground gas lines verses above ground lines.  Review of location with city and engineers is happening and decisions will be made accordingly.
  • Olive St. is being trenched and worked on currently.

General info:

  • We will no longer occupy or have access to the Admin building starting September 3 when Greystar takes full possession of that portion of the property.  We have vacated the space in advance of our end date.
  • Asbestos abatement of the Admin building will start September 3.
  • Discussion of switch over of gas and electric dates are currently slated for late October (23/24-ish). Each switch over is anticipated to take 2 days per project. SPC staff may need to work from home or meet off campus for the switch overs.  Firm dates will be given well in advance so we can plan on this.
  • Discussed the possibility of a crosswalk to add at 6th and Olive.  Asked if this was in the plans already with Greystar (answer=no).  Buildings and Grounds Committee is going to look into the request and procedures for petitioning for one at this location.  Mark and Kathleen will be working on it further.  Steve from Greystar gave great feedback on possibly wording for the application process.
  • The upgrade of the elevator with Kone is trying to get scheduled.  Currently slated for Oct 21 thru Dec 22.  With the Dec 13 Gala150 and Christmas events, we’re exploring what it might cost to push the project into January.  This may be expensive, so other strategies on timing and finishing early or partial finish in time for the holidays and complete after the busy season are being explored.
  • SPC Communications team asked about putting signage up on the fencing around the property and Steve advised it was no problem to utilize that space for our banners, etc.
  • Joe updated us that the bid for just getting A/C in the Great Hall basement will be ready today.  The vendor mistakenly gave us a bid that was not broken out correctly so is reviewing and revising and is expected to deliver the new bid today.  
  • The Music Library is still being worked on.  Electric cable is being pulled and a door frame will be installed next week.

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