Construction Update August 14

Regular Wednesday Construction Update Meeting

Site Logistics Plan review:

    • Reviewed pathways and exits for upcoming work. Similar to last week, except for when work is happening in the first floor elevator lobby.
    • Rocky brought in a new dumpster for trash which is white and in the clergy parking lot.

General info:

    • Permit progress: The permits are no longer being held up waiting for review.  They are now reviewing the various permits and getting signatures.  Still not sure when they will be in hand, but team is ready to go once we get them.
    • Once the permit is in hand:
      • Sewer inspection
      • Partial backfill in 6th Ave courtyard
      • Increase the trenches to separate gas from electric from sewar
      • Review of entry points and new staircase with replacement walkway for breezeway to elevator lobby.
    • The transformer walls are up and they are working on setting the pad.  The area on Nutmeg is put back together and concrete has been poured. 
    • The work on the first floor elevator lobby starts today.  They will be removing ceiling tiles, changing the closet door configurations and working on walls and framing. 
    • Window glass has been ordered and will be installed next week for the broken windows in the Great Hall basement and Great Hall.
    • Kathleen updated that the move was successful, everyone is settled into their offices.  There were no issues, other than one cable was cut that shouldn’t have been for our security system.  The necessary repairs are happening on Friday.
    • Kathleen will be on vacation Aug 15 returning to the office Aug 26.  Penny and Mark Lester will attend the weekly meeting in her place.  Mark will take the notes that are distributed for congregational communications.
    • Bob Oslie returns from his vacation on Aug 16.

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