Construction Update August 1

Regular Wednesday Construction Update Meeting

Site Logistics Plan review:

  • Reviewed pathways and exits for upcoming work.
  • Breezeway pathway from 5th Ave Queen’s Courtyard will continue to be main entry to building.
  • Olive St. parking lot will be available (the 2/3rds of the lot) again this week into next week. There are signs directing people to enter at the 5th Ave Queen’s Courtyard to access building.
  • Park Chateau demolition has been completed.

General Information:

  • Permit progress: still in a holding pattern. JWDA and Greystar’s Omar are meeting with the permit people on Friday.
  • Chair lift in Queen’s Courtyard and elevator lobby work holds until permits received.
  • The trenching has progressed as far as possible without permits. They are really anxious to keep working and staying on the timeline. Greystar thanked us for our patience.
  • Review of Great Hall (GH) basement window issue: The concrete walkway on the north side of the GH building between the GH and Park Chateau had the bottom panes of the windows covered with concrete years ago, and this will need to be resolved going forward. Not immediately, but eventually. A solution for fixing the windows and window well drainage needs to be explored with the architect.

Kathleen advised the following updates:

  • There is a date of 8/12 to move the Admin offices to the basement. If there is a tech delay in cabling the offices for the internet and new phone system, the backup move date is 8/29 due to vacation schedules.
  • Bay Alarm completed the moving of the alarm panels from Admin to the new pads around campus.
  • Can we put up more wood or fencing a safety railing on the Thurifer porch for additional safety? Joe said no problem and will get more boards installed.
  • Need to do more coring for the IT/Phone cabling. Brad will send the vendor information for the team they just used. Greystar is done coring so this will be a SPC/LLC expense.

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