An anniversary, and a thank you from the Hulberts

Doug Hulbert and his angel

This week, specifically, September 4, 2012 marks two years to the day that Doug suffered a cardiac arrest that left him with no heartbeat, pronounced dead on the street, brought back to life by the efforts of a dedicated young police officer who continued CPR for 5  minutes and NEVER GAVE UP, valiant firefighters who shocked his heart back, a medical staff who also never gave up despite the 1-3% survival rate for patients who suffer cardiac arrest on the street, the heartfelt prayers by our family, friends, parish, and by total strangers touched by his story, and most significantly by the grace and blessings of a loving God who heard those prayers and brought our husband, father, brother, son and friend back to his family and friends, who love him and are grateful every day for his presence in our lives. Doug’s recovery is truly a miracle.  We thank God for it every day. 
This weekend we spent some time with that police officer. We feel grateful that we have been able to thank him for the gift he gave to our family.  He is an unassuming young man who seeks no recognition for his deeds, I have tried to give him gifts of thanks and he refuses all of them.  A decorated Marine, he attended and graduated from college (SDSU) while working as a police officer and is now getting a graduate degree in public administration from SDSU while continuing to move up the ranks at SDPD. In 2011 he received a citation from the SDPD for saving Doug’s life, not because he told anyone about it, but because of letters written to the mayor and police chief by people who learned about his actions. We thank God every day that this police officer was driving down Ulric Street where Doug had slumped over on his bike and that he never gave less than his best effort to save Doug’s life. My dad says it was his Marine Corps training. It was that and the kind of person he is. It is inspiring to know a person as kind, giving and humble as he is. We are thankful that God put him in the place to save Doug’s life.
And we thank God for our friends, family, parishioners, co-workers and total strangers in prayer circles throughout the country and from multiple denominations who prayed for Doug’s healing.  Doug’s life and then his brain function hung in the balance for two weeks–full recovery took another several months– and all of that time our family was surrounded by a cocoon of love and prayers that healed Doug and kept us strong, providing great comfort during the journey to healing.  In particular we want to thank the community of St. Paul’s Cathedral, from Christine Spalding who took my call from the hospital after the doctor told me to get a priest as my husband’s condition was grave, to the Dean who arrived within minutes and prayed with our children and me, to all the clergy, staff and parishioners who came to the hospital multiple times each day to pray with and support our family, to all the folks who visited us, drove our children and cooked our meals. We will never forget it, and we will thank you each year when we observe this anniversary. 
Two years after those weeks of fear and anguish, of redemption and love, grace and healing, we are grateful for the gifts that God has given us, most especially, the gift of God’s presence in our lives, and in turn, the gift of our lives and of our family unit intact–and of your friendship, love and kindness toward all of us when we needed it so much.
May God bless you every day as He has blessed us, and again THANK YOU for your continued love and support.
Peace, hugs and blessings,
Susan, Doug, Leah, Gabe and Benny Hulbert

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