WT @ SPC: Self care & Fellowship, Dec 2

Last month, 48 women enjoyed an evening filled with good food, great conversation and a fascinating speaker. Many people I know are still talking about it! Our speaker, Gertrud Mueller Nelson, spun a beautiful fairy tale, drawing us all into that fantasy world with her. What did it all mean? That’s open to individual interpretation, but in general, as with Jesus’ parables retold in the Gospels, the tale Gertrud wove referred to aspects that every human being possesses, helping us to recognize these things in ourselves.

At our next event on December 2 at 6 p.m., Lisa Churchill will help us address the importance of Self Care and the Warmth of Fellowship in preparation for the extremely busy holiday season. Many women do so much for their families and friends in the weeks leading up to Christmas that they are too exhausted to enjoy the holiday when it arrives! This year, we want you to reserve some time just for YOU!

Join us as we make ladder ribbon necklaces out of shimmery yarns in a variety of cool colors. No experience is required and all materials will be provided. Really! Absolutely NO experience is required—this will be easy! Full instruction will be provided. It goes quickly, especially seasoned with friendly conversation.

Lisa, a Grants Administrator at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, joined the Cathedral in 2009. She learned to crochet from her Mom (Kitty) in Texas, long ago. She’s been working with fiber ever since, hoping to knit community in with the stitches.

Give yourself a break…and something pretty to take away with you. Come on along and do something nice for yourself for a change! This is a great opportunity to bring a friend and introduce them to ladies of St. Paul’s.
Dec. 2 from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m, Guild Room, St. Paul’s Cathedral

You can reserve a seat by sending an email to Nancy Tarbell at ntarbell1@cox.net. Just let us know whether or not you would like dinner for $10 (payable at the door by cash, or check made to “St. Paul’s”). We’d still like to know if you’re coming, even if you don’t plan to eat. Or you can call Judy MacDonald in the office, 298-7261 ext. 324. Hope to see you there!!!

Deadline for all reservations, Monday, November 29.

*Note: If you know how to crochet, you may bring a hook (size G through M-ish) but it is NOT necessary (in fact for beginners, it is faster to do without a hook).

Pat Kreder, for WT@SPC

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