Welcome to our new Dean!

This weekend, we enthusiastically welcomed our new Dean, the Very Rev. Penny Bridges, to St Paul’s.  Penny was at the family Eucharist on Saturday.  On Sunday she both preached and presided at the 8am and 10.30 services, and attended Evensong as well.

An enthusiastic user of social media, Penny challenged us to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger messages that we takeaway from her sermon:  ie, to follow Jesus off the mountain and into the valley where people are hurt and in need, and to live out our heart of service.  She called this painless evangelism for Episcopalians!

We’ve talked before about the reach of social media, and how the folks who see our facebook posts are not limited to the SPC community.

Remember you can follow SPC on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ stpaulcathedralsd)  and you don’t have to belong to Facebook to see the page!  And if you’re a smartphone user, we also have an app for SPC.

Here’s more about our social media presence. 

The full set of pictures is here. 

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