Update from Balboa Park Outreach Walks

We’ve told you recently about the new Balboa Park Outreach Walks, in which a group from SPC walks the vicinity to meet and connect our neighbors who are homeless. Here’s an update about their latest walk.  Won’t you consider joining them?

Join me some Saturday afternoon soon on a walk along Sixth Avenue in Balboa Park to meet those who live there! We meet at the Cathedral at 3:30 pm in the parking lot. Here’s how last Saturday went:

The Winter Emergency Shelters are now open so there were fewer “Denizens” standing out in the Park.

We focused on Brook & Robert, who had only recently (one week!) been living outside. Both of these individuals have 10 years experience in the restaurant business with Brook occupying management positions. They lost their jobs but are actively looking and interviewing locally.They are currently on the waiting list for the Interfaith Shelter Program. They have five (5) children who have been sent to their grandparents, temporarily.

Brook & Robert are a middle-class family with no history of mental illness or drug abuse. They are an example of just how fragile the modern American family really is.

We invited both of them over to St Paul’s this Sunday morning for the service and coffee and cakes. If we see them, I would love to introduce them to our Cathedral family!

Blessings to you,

Christopher Wells

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