The People’s Warden reports: March Chapter Musings

The big take-away from this month’s chapter meeting, is FINANCES. While the stewardship drive by most measures was successful (individual pledge amounts up by 10%) there is a decline in the number of pledging units leaving the original projected amount $92K short of budget. A reworked budget was discussed and ultimately, reluctantly, approved. A significant investment has been made in staff to complete the leadership team and the Vision For Mission has charted a course for the future into which we, as a congregation, want to live. Chapter and the Dean’s Council have been invited to “prayerfully deepen our giving to the Cathedral as a further investment in that vision”. With a positive response, we can get back to the business of fulfilling our Vision for Mission goals.

Exciting news on the Vision for Mission front. The report of the Vision for Mission committee was formally accepted as our five-year strategic plan. The six major goal areas will act as guide.

And how about that newly designed website? Please take a moment to check it out ( The refreshing simplicity and easy format make it a pleasure keep track of the many amazing possibilities Cathedral life has to offer.

A representative from the Board of Camp Stevens made a presentation to kick off the meeting. It was nice to get a refresher course on the many wonderful things happening at this mountain retreat in the mountains of Julian owned jointly by the dioceses of Los Angeles and San Diego. To honor the legacy of Vicki and Peter Bergstrom, former camp directors, a beautiful new building is being planned which will be called Bergstrom Lodge. Please check out if you would like to learn more.

Until next month, I am your People’s Warden,
Elizabeth Carey.

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