Stephen MInistry Workshop

Want to learn to be an active listener and reach out to others in a distinctively Christian way? On Saturday, March 3, St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral will host a Stephen Ministry Introductory Workshop from 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m., and refreshments will be served.

Stephen Ministry helps members fulfill their Christian calling to love one. After all, loving and caring for people isn’t just the pastor’s job—all Christians are called to minister to one another. Participants will go home from this workshop with practical ministry skills and those who don’t have a Stephen Ministry already will get an excellent understanding of how they can organize members of their own congregation for caring ministry.

St. Paul’s Cathedral began its Stephen Ministry in 2015 and has cared for 41 people over the past two years. The Stephen Ministry headquarters noticed St. Paul’s success and is hosting this introductory workshop and are inviting over 900 congregations within 75 miles.

The half-day workshop consists of three sessions designed both to enhance participants’ caregiving skills and to help congregations explore ways to expand their caring ministry.

In the first session of the workshop, “Ministering to Those Experiencing Grief,” participants learn about the grief process—the stages of grief and how to minister to people in each of those stages. They’ll gain the skills and confidence to better care for individuals who are grieving.

The second session introduces the Stephen Series, a system of lay caring ministry through which congregation leaders can equip members to provide one-to-one Christian care to people in need.

The final session of the workshop explains “How to Care in a Distinctively Christian Way.” Participants learn what makes Christian caregiving unique and how they can use resources like prayer, blessings, and Scripture in their caring for others.

The cost of the workshop is $15 per person or $50 for a group of four or more from the same congregation. For more information, or to register to attend the Stephen Ministry Introductory Workshop, please contact Stephen Ministries at: (314) 428-2600. You can also register online at

All are encouraged to attend! For more information about the March 3 workshop, go here:

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