Something is happening with our youth….

I see magic is starting to happen for our St Paul’s youth and it is so much fun!

It is happening in Godly Play and I know it is there when I hear parents telling me that their son can’t wait to get to church so he can play with his Godly Play buddies after the lesson. They are excited to be together and this little crew of boys is having such a great time talking about our Godly Play stories together and then playing up a storm afterward. They and their wonderful parents are showing up and helping connections to form and it is magic to see it take shape on the carpet before our very eyes.

It is happening for our Growing with God group in a different way. They are one of our biggest classes right now with 10 students most weeks. They are wild to read from their new bibles and sometimes I have to just bag my lesson for that week because what they want to do most of all is to keep reading the bible story unfolding in front of them. Each child takes turn reading a paragraph and we go around and around the table reading and then discussing what this story is all about. The youth are eager to explore and there are so many of them every week that they are building something really unique – it is all of their own making.

Again it is happening for our teens in ways I could never have even imagined. I surely didn’t experience this magic at church when I was a teen. Something special is happening every Sunday in that Guild Room while 10:30 church is taking place. They are a talkative group with lots to say about their lives. And they have been good to one another from the start. Then a couple of months ago a group of the teens all went to Happening together. This is a youth encounter weekend put on the by the diocese and we had six of our youth sign up together to either staff or attend. These six are now on fire to connect with one another at church. My 14 year old son was begging me to go to, and be early, for the 3-hour Easter Vigil service. What is that about? It is the magic of a beautiful little community built on love and acceptance that is forming for our teens. They are there for one another and for all of the other youth around the table and it is pretty amazing to watch happen.

Parents are committed to showing up, kids are coming with open hearts and willing hands, volunteer teachers and assitstants are giving of their time to allow these four classes to run every Sunday morning and you put all of that together with a loving and accepting attitude which comes from God and we have something really special.

It is magic – it is inspiring – it is real – it is everything I would want a youth and family program to be! You all have made something so special come to life here at St. Paul’s! Thank you all!

Christine D’Amico

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2 thoughts on “Something is happening with our youth….”

  1. I have been observing from a distance, but I can see something is really happening with our children and youth. it seems like each Sunday there are more of them! Or maybe it's just the energy and life that is growing. It's easy to see they love each other and enjoy being together with the family of God. It makes me happy to see them in the processional.

  2. I agree, and thank you for all the hard work and dedication Christine! Our 9 year old has turned into quite the evangelist. Every Sunday he tries to find a new friend to join him. It's a beautiful thing to witness.


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