Simpler Living Tips: Cool summer savings

Here are some ideas to cool your summertime:  Stay on the lowest floor of your home or building. Drink plenty of cool water. Eat well balanced, light, and regular meals. Wear loose fitting, lightweight and light colored clothing. Visit air-conditioned public places. Close drapes and shades to help keep the sunlight heat outside. Install weather stripping and proper insulation to help keep cooler air inside. More at:
During these very hot days, Flex Alerts urge us to expand our energy conservation. Check out to receive “Reduce your use” alerts and to earn rewards which can save you money!
Have your own tips?  Please share your own conservation tips in the comments.
For more information about Simpler Living ministry at St. Paul’s or to get more involved, contact Phil Petrie at 619-298-0464 or via

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