Progress Report on Chapel Renovation: new furniture!

From the Dean:

Sr Karla Maria playing
in front of the chapel

 It’s been nearly three years since work began on renovating our Chapel of the Holy Family. When I arrived in early 2014, the chapel was functional but had yet to be appropriately furnished and decorated. I formed a committee to discern the best approach and design, and in due course we agreed to engage a local craftsman, Del Cover, to create several coordinating pieces.

We considered installing a stained-glass window in the east wall behind the altar, but we decided that was too ambitious and expensive for the time being. Del is now completing the furniture items in oak that coordinates with the rest of the cathedral furnishings, and they are beautiful (see pictures below)!

The Holy Family Symbol 

All items incorporate the Holy Family symbol, and the altar is designed to permit the insertion of icons in the front panels.

We are still working on how to adapt the area to the north of the altar, where the sacristy entrance is currently concealed behind a frosted glass panel. We plan to eliminate the frosted glass and the step, and hope to find a more attractive window design to replace the very basic window in that wall. We are also seeking a suitable design for the congregational chairs.

Several parishioners have offered to sponsor individual furniture items as memorial or thanksgiving gestures, and a plaque will be created to acknowledge all the donors and honorees. There still remain a few pieces in need of a sponsor, all of them priced at between $1,000 and $2,000. The congregational chairs will also be available for sponsorship.

Please contact the Dean if you are interested in making a gift.

The Altar has panels to allow addition of icons
Detail of the Presider’s Chair
The pulpit
See if you can find these two mice praying on one of the pieces
The Chapel of the Holy Family:
a tranquil space for reflection and prayer

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