Pews Available for Sale!

St. Paul’s Cathedral has made the decision to switch over from pews to chairs.  So if you are in the market for a pew you are in the right place, as we are selling them off!  Available pews:

“Regular pews” 7’6” ($300) – These were located in the north and south aisles 
“Large pews” up to 14’
($300-500) –  These vary in size, but are up to 14’ long. 

First, Email Kathleen Burgess ( for availability and logistics.  Then pay for your pew using the link below. 

Make your payment (Click Here) 

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3 thoughts on “Pews Available for Sale!”

  1. I, too, will be sorry to see the pews go. My cousin, a contractor, recently remarked to his wife that he wished the pews in their church were as well-made and sturdy as the warm-hued solid oak pews we have at St. Paul’s. Although these are 70-years or so old and have a few marks and blemishes from use, I think they are irreplaceable and have already exceeded the life expectancy of any modern chair. I wish I could find a place for one at my home!

  2. We’re extremely disappointed to see the pews gone from a once classic iconic architectural cathedral! Attended services recently could not believe what happened to this gorgeous church! Poor decision and a great loss of traditional beauty for our citizens of San Diego. If you wanted chairs at least choose something that compliments the interior design. The chairs selected are extremely cold and modern which look terribly out of place in this beautiful setting. Why was this needed?


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