A Message From David Tremaine
Dear St. Paul’s Family,
I have been at the cathedral now for almost two years functioning as the Director of Outreach and Formation.  In that capacity I work 25 hours per week acting as staff liaison for all of the amazing outreach ministry leaders as well as coordinating all of the various faith formation offerings for the community.   As we discern creative ways to make our ministries sustainable, I see an opportunity to continue to empower my fellow lay persons in the cathedral community.  I am also moving into a new season of life as a father, and as these two seasons emerge, one corporate and one personal, it is my hope to transition my leadership of Outreach to Jen Jow, our current outreach committee chair, who will continue to function as chair but in an expanded leadership role. Reducing my hours to 20 per week will allow me to both spend more time at home taking care of George, as well as work on an individual project I am hoping to complete this year. 
This transition will also mark an important transition at St. Paul’s, as outreach will become a completely non-staff led ministry area.  There will still be plenty of partnership and collaboration between outreach and staff for budget, communications and facilities purposes. But the outreach chair taking over leadership of the ministry area is an example of what can happen when we empower those around us to respond to the yearnings of the world and the community. Jen will be the liaison to the various outreach leaders and will convene the outreach committee each month.  With my 20 hours I will also be able to focus solely on all ages faith formation, including initiatives to develop the Children, Youth and Family ministry here at the cathedral. 
It has been a blessing to be part of the outreach team here at St. Paul’s these two years, and I have been humbled by the passionate pursuit of justice for and solidarity with those underserved and oppressed in our community by the members of the outreach team.  You all are faithful, compassionate, hardworking people, and it has been a joy to support the undertakings of St. Paul’s outreach with you.  I plan to support Jen and the whole outreach team in whatever ways I can as Director of Formation in the future and give thanks for the new life emerging both at St. Paul’s and at home.

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