Journaling Myself: the Progoff Process

Here are some thoughts about my experience with the Progoff Intensive Journal process…

First of all; the Progoff Intensive Journal Program, developed by psychologist Dr. Ira Progoff, is an integrated method of self-developing writing exercises. It’s a two-part series using psychological principles.

I attended the workshop last fall and while learning and working with the suggested techniques to document myself, I discovered that this self-dialogue mostly appealed to me by its creative approaches to record conversations, recollections and images. It’s not just record-keeping, it’s dynamic.

While I haven’t yet found my dimension of ‘ultimate meaning,’ that thick loose-leaf binder is always available like an insightful friend who motivates one to intriguing ways of drawing life with experiences from memories. I recommend the journey!

 –Canon Brooks Mason

Interested in more? Finding your life’s path of joy, wholeness, and creativity with the Ira Progoff Intensive Journal® Process will be conducted by The Rev. Michael Russell as a two-part series on Oct 8-9 and Oct 29-30. Price $145, Info: The Rev. Canon Allisyn Thomas, 619.298.7261

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