Dealing with grief during Christmas

I will never forget the Christmas following the sudden death of my 19 year old daughter/college student. We buried Debbie the week before Christmas almost 40 years ago. That “Christmas”never happened for me and my family that year. We were “numbed” with a tragic loss.

Christmas is a celebrative time, the world is in a good mood, there is gift sharing, and the bells and lights of the holidays announce anew the glad tidings of God’s presence. Yet, if one is facing (or not facing) loss at this time, it is like an infringement upon us and we are seemingly “out of step” with the rest of the world. Pictures of family togetherness do not match with our struggle with loss, loneliness and despair.

Our Pastoral Counselors are very aware of this. They are also knowledgeable that the “problem” can not be “fixed”. Yet, most people find help to join one of our Holiday Grief Groups or perhaps individual counseling, where sharing with others in a healing way, some of our despair is shared.

If this sounds like it would be timely for you, contact Pam Daniel at our San Diego
Counseling Center here at the Cathedral: 619-295-5871.

Canon Gerry Walcutt, Canon for Pastoral Care

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