Cathedral members featured in “100% San Diego”

From La Jolla Playhouse

As part of the “Without Walls” festival, La Jolla Playhouse is mounting a production of 100% San Diego. But this isn’t any play— it is a unique concept.  100 San Diegans representing the demographic of our region stand on stage and let us into their lives.

And, four members of our community are part of this!  There’s Children, Youth & Family Associate Christine D’Amico, her children Francesca and Charlie D’Amico, as well as the Rev. Canon Allisyn Thomas.

You can see the show tonight, and Sat or Sun afternoon.  Tickets here! 

From KPBS:

this is a different kind of theater, one that blurs the line of fiction and reality. It stars a cast of 100 non-actors. They’re all San Diegans, and most have never stepped foot on a stage before. 

Over the next four days of the festival, those 100 men, women and children from Chula Vista to Oceanside will share their personalities, hobbies and opinions in front of a live audience. 

The series was created by a German theater company called Rimini Protokoll. It has produced the series in cities all over the world, including London, Zurich and Melbourne. San Diego marks the group’s first U.S. stop.

And a spotlight on Allisyn:

Allisyn Thomas is also in the cast. She was a lawyer for 15 years but, as she says in the play, “I had a lot to atone for so I became a priest.” Thomas is an Episcopal priest at St. Paul’s Cathedral in San Diego. 

Thomas believes the cast is getting braver with each rehearsal. “But we’re also getting more vulnerable as we get to know each other,” Thomas notes. “Towards the end of the show, I’ve almost choked up a few times because people are so real and willing to put themselves out there. That’s very rare.”

Check out the video news story about the project (below)

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