Carolyn Lief Honored at Diocesan Convention

Long-time parishioner and tireless sustainable living advocate, Carolyn Lief, was awarded the “Bishop’s Service Ministry Award” at the 2011 Diocesan Convention this past weekend. Congratulations to Carolyn! The following is the official commendation that accompanied the award:

When Carolyn was a young girl, her father, Irving (who was a Farm Advisor for the University of California) would take her with him from time to time as he performed his duties visiting area farmers. One day Carolyn and her dad came upon a small store that was on fire. Irving asked Carolyn to stay in the car while he went to help the store owner take out as many items as possible before the fire department arrived. One could say that this incident was one of many which formed in Carolyn the sense that she was a person who would be available to people in need. Both her mother and father were very active in the First Presbyterian Church in Napa, California, where Carolyn was involved in many activities. As an adult, daily scripture reading and prayer time sustains her in her service to others.

Carolyn’s servant ministry is reflected many activities not only at St. Paul’s Cathedral, but in the community as well. She is the diocesan coordinator for Episcopal Relief & Development and at the Cathedral. At the Cathedral she also serves as a lector, Sunday School teacher, coordinates the sale of Bishop’s Blend Coffee and other Fair Trade food items, has served as a study group leader, is a member of the Simpler Living Group, and is a friend and supporter of the Cathedral Integrity Group. Carolyn is a Registered Nurse, has taken blood pressure readings after services on Sundays, and currently serves as part of the medical team for Dorcas House — a foster care facility in Tijuana for children of incarcerated parents. She has coordinated the Alternative Gifts Expo each year in the season of Advent. Carolyn was awarded the Cathedral Robinson Cross in 2010 for outstanding service. Carolyn was one of the Founding Members and a president of San Diego Fair Trade. We are grateful for all that she does, and especially for who she is.

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1 thought on “Carolyn Lief Honored at Diocesan Convention”

  1. Carolyn, congratulations for the honor you received; and it was special to read the example of your father helping others that helped to form a “sense that she was a person who would be available to people in need;” plus, your family’s activities in the church. Those early memories and models of God’s love in action are deeply meaningful to children.

    For me, it was my mother’s daily quiet reciting of the rosary, and the precious hand knit blankets and clothing she created for neighbor’s babies and children in her care. It was also the spontaneous celebrations my Dad put together that always involved ice cream, the neighborhood children and home-grown flowers on the table!


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