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Filled with translucent light from shimmering stained glass windows and sheltered near the palm trees of Balboa Park, St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral is one of San Diego’s most precious gems. As a “Cathedral for the City,” St. Paul’s is a house of prayer for all people where city leaders, former governors, and even the British royal family have come together from time to time for common worship and prayer. Steeped tradition, the Cathedral creates a memorable, sacred space to share your most solemn vows with family and friends. 

Venues and scheduling

The Cathedral can comfortably hold up to 400 guests, and the Holy Family Chapel (50 people) can be used for more intimate celebrations. Our historic Great Organ is available to create a majestic sound for your wedding procession in either venue. Weddings at St. Paul’s may be scheduled for most days of the year, except for major holy days (e.g. Christmas, Easter), and during the season of Lent.  Under certain circumstances a wedding may take place in the context of the principal service on Sunday morning; otherwise no weddings are scheduled on Sundays. 


Cathedral clergy officiate under normal circumstances, though clergy of other dioceses may request to officiate by letter to the Dean. Clergy of other denominations or faiths are welcome to assist the Episcopal priest at a wedding. In addition to clergy, vergers, acolytes, choirs and thurifer are available to ensure this will be one of the most memorable days of your life.


St. Paul’s features its own wedding coordinator to work with you (in addition to your own wedding planner), to make sure you are both freed from all the stress and the details required for a flawless ceremony. Special planning of the space, the liturgy, music and flowers are part of the services of St. Paul’s. Many couples realize the work in planning a wedding ceremony needs to be balanced with a commitment to prepare for the relationship itself. St. Paul’s offers trained marriage counselors who use the Prepare Enrich Program to identify your strengths and areas of growth in your relationship. New ways of communicating and listening to each other begin with this program. This is a required program and has been used by religious and secular counselors alike and has been affirmed by the thousands of couples who have used its format for nearly 40 years.  


Before you set your heart on being married at St. Paul’s Cathedral, please consider the following restrictions:

  • At least one of the couple to be married must be a baptized Christian (of any denomination);
  • The base cost to hold a wedding in our space is $3,500.
  • If either of the couple has been divorced at any time, a copy of the final decree must be provided before the wedding date can be confirmed;
  • The Cathedral does not currently offer a space for receptions (but we are happy to offer suggestions for nearby locations);
  • A minimum of six months’ notice is normally required;
  • The wedding vows are a fixed text and may not be changed;
  • The same-sex marriage liturgy may be found here; and
  • The principal ordained minister in the ceremony must be an Episcopal priest


If you would like to schedule a wedding or want to know more how St. Paul’s Cathedral can help you with your marriage planning, please contact our Wedding Coordinator, Jonathan Widener at or mobile: (858) 349-5454.


Because of you, we can continue to serve as a center of transformative love, faith and service!

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