Get out the Vote!

The League of Women Voters has put this handy tool together, called  It is also available in Spanish.

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Register to Vote

Already registered?  Not sure if you are registered?  Verify your voter registration in the State of California here.

Need to register?  Register to vote in the State of California here.

Sign up to track your ballot in San Diego County here.

You do not need to elect vote by mail.  Due to COVID-19, all voters will have a mail ballot sent on October 5.

Need assistance?  We will do our best to help you get registered.  Contact Jen Jow at

Plan Your Vote

The Episcopal Church’s “Plan Your Vote” guide can be found here.

Find a voting buddy in the congregation.  Agree on a day to drop your ballot off, and follow up with each other on the agreed day.


Watch for your ballot.  It will be mailed to you on October 5.

You may either drop off your ballot in a designated drop-off or mail it via USPS.  We recommend drop-off.

  • Drop off your ballot no later than 11/2.  Click Here for Drop Locations.
  • If mailing your ballot, it can be postmarked as late as 11/2 but we recommend postmarking at least by 10/26.

Follow up with your voting buddy to make sure they have also dropped off their ballot.

Help Others Vote

Share voting resources on Social Media.

Volunteer to staff an in-person poll site Click Here.


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